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benefits of pediatric compounding

Compounding is a strategy to make medication more enjoyable for both the child and the parent. The obvious reason – most kids hate medicine. A pediatric compounding pharmacist can make personalized drugs with unique dosages, strengths, and flavors for kids. It lowers their tension and anxiety.

In order to meet the prescription needs of young clients, York Davis Pharmacy offers pediatric compounding in Newmarket.  We address frequent problems like taste and texture. We can lessen the stress and worry related to children taking medicine by offering customized services.

According to the experts, there are many benefits of pediatric compounding. They include:

Customized dosage and forms of medication

Due to their incapacity to swallow the tablet or capsule, patients frequently ask about the possibility of splitting or crushing a medication. Not all medications may be tampered with, and the majority of capsules are not made to be opened, such as those that are time-released or film-coated. In addition to oral lozenges, topical and oral sprays, creams, lotions, gels, nasal sprays, and lip balms, compounding pharmacies also offer a variety of other dosage forms. Some dose forms may only be appropriate for some medications, and the characteristics of the drug may restrict the options available to patients.

York Davis Pharmacy is a leading pediatric compounding pharmacy in Newmarket. Book an appointment to contact us for any queries related to the benefits of pediatric compounding.

Inactive ingredients that replace allergens

Some people may have sensitivities to the inactive chemicals used to make a certain medicine; however, this is not all that common. Although they are a required component of the tablet product, inactive substances, including fillers, colors, and stabilizing agents, do not have any pharmacological impact on the body. A pediatric compounding pharmacy can frequently employ substitutes to create the medication so a patient can take it.

Medicine with flavor

It is a great opportunity to think about compounded medication for a child who objects to the taste of his medication. Compounding pharmacists have access to dozens of tastes. They can improve a medication’s flavor and color while also ensuring that the pH of the flavor is consistent with the qualities of the prescription. When a child’s medication tastes like bubblegum or chocolate, they will take it more willingly.

Effective in Autism

Children with autism frequently experience particular physical and psychological difficulties as a result of dietary and medication constituents like casein, soy, sugars, gluten, colors, carbs, and heavy metals. This is one of the main benefits of pediatric compounding, as it makes sure that their needs are satisfied. Parents must oversee their child’s dietary limitations and medication regimen.

Compounded drugs are crucial for these youngsters because commercially accessible medications might not have the right dosage form or components. Key elements like melatonin, amino acid mixes, and vitamin combinations essential for controlling autism are frequently only administered in the form of specially formulated drugs in various dosage forms and flavors.

Combining all in one

Taking medication might be difficult when coping with chronic diseases like ear infections or ear infections. Making the process even more challenging is the addition of various drugs. The amount of medicine that gets to your child’s system can be increased, and the amount of time you spend battling with them is reduced by combining safe medications into a single delivery method.

Family members may be happier due to this strategy, which can reduce tension and fuss. Pharmacy technicians can mix a number of pharmaceuticals into a single capsule, patch, cream, aerosol, or liquid, though this is not always practical. Antibiotics, meds for seizures, and treatments for diseases like ADHD can all be combined. It is simpler for the entire family because only one dose is required instead of three or four.

Variations in strength

Your kid is special, and the benefits of pediatric compounding will suit their unique weight and size. Finding commercially available treatments suitable for your child’s needs is frequently difficult. In order to formulate a prescription that is given in the precise dosage required for a child of a certain age and size, a compounding pharmacist can be of assistance. Your child can receive the specialized, tailored pediatric care they deserve from a compassionate pediatrician working closely with a compounding pharmacist.


By adding flavors, making aerosol inhalation mixtures, turning pills or capsules into liquids, or turning common drugs into painless patches, pediatric compounding techniques try to make treatment easier for kids. Our main objective is to lessen the child’s resistance to treatment so that they can concentrate on getting better. Book an Appointment now at York Davis Pharmacy.

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